The Chainsmokers Success

The Chainsmokers are a production duo that include the artists, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. These two received huge recognition for their hit song “Selfie” in 2014. Since then, they have had much success along their journey. They just released their album in April of 2017, following their award winning nominations at the American Music Awards and the Iheart Music Awards. Most duos do not receive the success these two have had in their career thus far, which makes them very unique.

Their most recent success comes from the making of “Somebody.” In their most recent video they posted on facebook of the making of this song, they find pitched up vocals to appeal to the audience a lot more. A group’s success last from their approach to what the audience can relate to; and they have done just that. The Chainsmokers have become a huge success, with their approach to the piano melody in “Somebody.”

Their first live performance came from their hit single “Selfie.” Both of these wonderful and articulate artists have so much more to do in their career, being so young. They’ve collaborated with a few artist along their journey, such as an Indian artist Priyanka Chopra, and others.

Being popular nationally has created a platform for them to have achieved international success as well. To be able to reach popularity in other countries is a huge step for many artists. You’ve got to win popularity votes in all areas to be long lasting, and that is just what this band has done over the course of their success. The Chainsmokers expressed in a recent interview, although having tireless nights, their love for music has made their long nights easier to handle the pressure of making music their fans will love and want to listen to. Their music reaches all lovers of pop, dance and the hip hop culture. This contributes to a lot of their success around the world, being able to reach multiple genres of music. This duo will have so much success in the future on their continued journey.

Alex Pall, Examination Of An Artisian

The Chainsmokers is a collective effort to bring forth to the table original and effective musical notation to the public eye and ear. They believe and value the importance of keeping a hard work ethic potent in their undertakings because in order to not fall out of style they must always have ideas flowing through their veins and brains to continue to mass produce truly creative progress. When the masses are listening to their previous work, they are already working on the next two albums because they know that in order to stay ahead of the trend they must give their fullest and unwavering excertion to their company. To stay ahead of the curve their active lifestyle consists of production, management, and distribution from 9:00AM to 7:00PM everyday in order to lock themselves into the success cycle they found themselves in to begin with. How they met became a story for the multitudes to lean in and listen to because they did not know each other prior to the strides and strains they overcame to achieve the successful heights they are at today in this age of time. The two were both engulfed into the scene of being a professional musician to pay the bills. In fact that is another motivation for them to keep pushing forth from greatness to greatness, and from glory to glory. The fact that they distribute their talent to the world does not only ensure that their talents do not go wasted, but it also puts food in their bellies and it keeps them under a roof. Even before the two hit it to the big time they depended on music for their independence and survival both in Maine and New York City, and now they not only make money from what they love, but they also contribute huge amounts of resourcefulness to the people in order that they might experience understanding.