Anthony Constantinou. A Look Into His Accomplishments!


Anthony Constantinou is currently the Lecturer and Assistant Professor in Machine Learning and Data Mining at Queen Mary University of London since January of 2017. Constantinou, is also the Head of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University.

For a closer look at his focus of interest, we learned that his focuses on, “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Causal Discovery and Intelligent Decision Making Under Uncertainty”. In Constantinou’s’ own words of how he uses his field of study in the world today, Anthony Constantinou states; “I collaborate with academics and industrial organizations world-wide and I apply my research to a wide range of areas including sports, economics, medicine, finance, and gaming.

Upon further research about Anthony Constantinou and his accomplishments. We found that in the recent months, he has been appointed many awards. For example; Constantinou in the last three months was Appointed as a Turing Fellow! A Turing Fellow is someone that The Alan Turing Institute collaborates with to bring the most advanced research in Artificial Intelligence to Universities. By doing this they will work on real life use cases for data science, to engage with a broad pool of talent and expertise to ensure data science is effectively and safely employed for public good.

Constantinou has been a constant figure in the Artificial Intelligence industry throughout his life. His biggest accomplishment before stepping head on into the AI industry was as a freelance consultant in rating systems and Bayesian Networks. This allowed him to land his biggest accomplishment yet as a professor at the Queen Mary University in London.

This is where he lectures his most studied subject of how a Bayesian network could represent the probabilistic relationships between diseases and symptoms. With these symptoms, the network can be used to compute the probabilities of the presence of various diseases. Go Here for additional information.


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