JD.com Helps D.Phone Take Advantage Of Singles Day


Central to JingDong’s “Retail as a Service” strategy (RaaS) is to make available the company’s state-of-the-art technology and logistics network to other industry and retailers, leveraging JingDong’s particular advantages in the areas of in-store technology and smart supply chain.

In keeping with this strategy, JD.com teamed up with Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd to help boost sales of the latter’s D.Phones during Singles Day, a day regarded as the globe’s largest shopping event and a day known for being replete with online promotions.

As part of the JingDong-Beijing Digital Telecom Company partnership, D.Phone, as the latter company is also known as, was permitted to list over 1,000 of its stores in JDcom’s innovative “JPASS” system. This system provides Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd, China’s largest cell phone retail chain, with a medium through which they can offer online users coupons and other promotional discounts at their traditional stores.

Jingdong’s “JPASS” system is a win-win for the retails and customers alike. Retail partners of JD.com have experience huge increases in both offline visits and sales at their store locations. Consumers experienced greater convenience as a result of the blending of the online and offline shopping processes. Go To This Page for more information.

The JingDong-Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd partnership has been a huge success for D.Phone. Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd has seen sales grow by 30 percent since it started to implement JD.com’s boundaryless retail solution.

According to JD.com, we have officially entered a new era of retail, the era of “Boundaryless Retail” where the distinction between online and offline retail have been done away with to such an extent that it is no longer material. “Boundaryless Retail” is the future of shopping according to JingDong.

And JD.com takes great delight in participating in this and other initiatives to aid their offline partners in the improvement of their services to consumers and to re-vitalize their declining customer traffic levels.


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How Vinod Gupta Found Success In America As An Entrepreneur


Vinod Gupta is a very successful individual who built a database technology firm worth $680 million when he decided to sell it. He started out in a humble situation, though. He was born in India in a village without cars, sanitation, and other modern amenities. Vinod Gupta says that he feels fortunate he was able to go to college at I.I.T. Kharagpur. When he graduated he decided to further his education by going to the University of Nebraska which is why he moved to the United States in 1972.


His company started out with a list he had made of every mobile home retailer in the entire nation. Vinod Gupta had to provide this list for free to the company he was working for at the time, a mobile home manufacturer, but he was able to sell the list to others in the industry for quite a bit of money. He extended business listings into other industries and his business, American Business List grew from there. He is now a venture capitalist at his own investment firm, Everest Group.


Vinod Vinod Gupta gives a lot of credit for his success to the educational opportunities he was afforded in life. He wants to help others expand their horizons through education and so has given donations to universities in both the United States and India. In his hometown in India, for instance, he provided the money to start a women’s Polytechnic which has now graduated thousands of people. Gupta also donated money to I.I.T Kharagpur, his alma mater, which was used to start the Gupta School of Management. This school provides an MBA to students who have earned engineering degrees. Go To This Page for more information.



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