Gareth Henry’s contributions in investment

Gareth Henry is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to build a great reputation in the field of investment. His success in his career has been mainly due to his exemplary skills in mathematics where many people have nicknamed him “math geek”. Being born in London, Gareth Henry grew up with a great passion for mathematics. Due to his love for this subject, he worked hard in school and finally got a chance to join Heriot-Watt University where he got to learn more in the field of mathematics. He enrolled for actuarial mathematics. His hard work in school paid off and soon he managed to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics and statics later in 2001.

This was the start of his long and successful career. Being a fresh graduate, he was employed at Watson Wyatt and was employed as a research analyst. After working for a while for the company, Gareth Henry left to pursue more opportunities. He got employed by the Global Investment Management team. While working for there, he gathered a lot of knowledge and experience in investment and was also highly appreciated due to his success in his work. Another factor that made him highly appreciated was his ability to handle complex mathematical problems and come up with solutions. He became very popular and due to his great portfolio, he secured a job at SEI Investments where he was employed as an investment manager.

Gareth Henry got a chance to serve many people including insurers, consultants and pension funds. Again, he was able to handle his job quite well and because of his exemplary skills and ability to work and meet his goals, he got another job but in a higher rank. He was made Director of Shroders later in 2005. He worked for a period of two years but later relocated to the United States where he was employed at Fortress Investment Group as managing director. His knowledge and skills in mathematics enabled him to make Fortress hedge funds, private equity and private credit funds to grow. This contributed to building a great name for him. His success has made him become the Global Head of Investor Relations for Angelo, Gordon and is clear that he will rise to greater heights with time.

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Organo Gold, entice the coffee lover within

The wait is over. Organo Gold shares creative ideas for coffee lovers to cozy up with. How about a cup of Cinnamon Mocha? A nice creamy coffee that fits any cool day. You’ll need a packet of cocoa or baking cocoa with your sweetener of choice. Blend the coffee with the cocoa after the coffee is finished brewing. Add the desired amount of sweetener and add a splash of milk, almond milk or cream. Toss in a drop of cinnamon oil or a few drops of cinnamon syrup. This recipe goes best with a dark roast. Next up, Pumpkin Spice. Pick up some pumpkin spice at your grocery store, shake the pumpkin spice a few times over your grounds before you brew. You can add a slice of fresh pumpkin to the water before you begin to heat it and add some spice to the grounds or packet.

For pumpkin spice use a light roast for best taste. If you like a thicker drink blend, pour brewed coffee into a blender add several shakes of pumpkin spice and a large spoonful of pumpkin puree. Blend the mix and just add ice.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 with a driven purpose to provide high-quality organic coffee. Organo Gold has a wide variety of instant coffee flavors as well as teas for sale. Consumers can buy from either the website or distributors. If you are a coffee lover and would like to earn some extra money there is an option to sell coffee as a distributor for Organo Gold. Could possibly be the start of another Goldrush. Try a cup of Organo Gold and you’ll be back for another cup.

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OSI Group : The continuing efforts for innovation and progression

OSI Group has been the leader in cutting edge technology as well as incredible customer service to worldwide list of clients and customers for decades. Although many see this company as a titan of industry, OSI Group’s history is one of the prime examples of the American dream come true. At the turn of the century, OSI Group was founded on a quiet street corner in Chicago Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky. Although at the time Chicago was truly the place to be for butchers, Otto and the rest of the German immigrants had little to no choice which then, in turn, provided Otto the with the opportunity to grow a prosperous business for years to come.

The relationship with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc and who really benefited from the partnership has been up for debate for years, however, the general consensus was that both parties were needed to progress both businesses. OSI Group needed Ray Kroc’s business and Ray Krock needed OSI to produce the high-quality meats needed to make McDonald’s such a success. In the years after, the growth of McDonald’s meant that OSI needed to ramp up production as well, both in product and locations to house the demand.

The growth of both these companies challenged the status quote and would indirectly create the methods that we much of the industry uses today in their food production. OSI Group also made the same promise to all their future clients about their ability to bring to fruition any recommendations they like.

This goal to not only produce high-quality products but also tailor make them for clients is what has made OSI Group one of the most revered and successful companies in modern times. There is no doubt that if OSI stays the course, the country has rest assure that they are within good hands.

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Serge Belamant and the Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur with a long history in the banking and financial industry. He invented a debit card system that is used today by millions. This system is one that is continuing to grow. This debit card system is known as the blockchain technology.

This blockchain technology allows users to swipe their debit card at a Point of Sale (POS) transaction and the POS system does not need to be connected to a network at the time of the sale. He was born in France to a man who moved him to South Africa when he was just a teenager.

Serge Belamant went to high school in South Africa. He excelled in sports. His main sport was Rugby, but he also played Chess. When he was finished with high school he went to college. During college, he changed his major from engineering to computer science and applied math. While he studied hard, he did not finish his studies. He contemplated switching his major again. This would have entailed repeating courses he had already passed. He decided to withdraw from his studies.

Serge Belamant spent his career as a computer programmer for many companies. One of these companies was IBM. This is how he developed the blockchain technology that would change the world. He has developed this and the company he worked for did not accept the technology. Afterward, he broke off on to his own and formed a company called Net1.

Serge Belamant was the founder and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Net1. He held the position of CEO until 2017 when he decided to retire. While developing technology and coding for these companies he moved to the United States. He currently resides in the United States.

In conclusion, this article discussed Serge Belamant and his technology that was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The article discussed his education and career. When we concluded we discussed the Net1 company which he founded in the early 1990s. When it first began it was met with ridicule and no one wanted to work with him. However, in 1995 this all began to change.

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Matt Badiali and MLPs Investment

Matt Badiali is an investment expert and a geologist. He has been providing valuable insights regarding the natural resources to people willing to invest. As a geologist, he was able to travel to many places such as Haiti, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Guinea and many more. When Matt realized that he has an investment passion, he decided that he will help others to gain their success too through his knowledge and abilities. Matt is, therefore, assisting other investors willing to invest in natural resources. Many investors have been reading research companies and story news, but the man has an approaching hand. Matt Badiali visited the drilling companies where he could analyze their operations, their crews and getting information about their political and issues from the government. In his recent paper, he wrote about how one could invest in freedom checks. He describes the Freedom checks as unique, but people have little information on them. The checks contribute either monthly or quarterly distributions from the master limited partnerships. Matt Badiali also tries to compare between his freedom checks to the dividend checks. They look similar, but the Freedom checks are known as distribution after the master limited partnerships pay them.

People and especially those willing to invest have been wondering if these checks are either legitimate or scams. I can say they are legitimate checks because the master limited partnerships are also genuine. The questions arise because even people don’t know about the master limited partnerships. However, the master limited have been trading in NYSE. The reason as to why people have not been hearing about the master limited partnerships is because even the brokers lack familiarity with them. Some wealthy investors in the world are relying on the checks to earn a steady income. In most cases, these checks are from the organizations that produce, process and transport natural resources. Matt Badiali is a geologist given respect and has been advising on the reliable companies.

Matt Badiali has been recommending companies based in the US. Some of the people are even thinking that the high payout one receives sounding too good to be termed as real and that is how people are wondering on the legitimacy of the checks. However, the structure of tax that is behind master limited partnerships can lead to the high payments.

OSI Industries Humble Beginner to Corporate Provider

In 1909, German immigrant Otto Kolscholsky opened a meat market and butcher shop in the city of Chicago. His business slowly expanded over the next five decades. Expansion included wholesale, location change, family and product line.

In the late 1920s, family role became vital. His business became known as Otto and Sons, and would bear that name until the mid 1970s. Today, the acronym OSI – somewhat reflects the original name of Otto and Sons, though OSI Industries is the official name. A turning point was gradual but steady for Otto Industries when they formed an alliance with the CEO of McDonald’s as it became a corporation. Otto and Sons was the first supplier of fresh ground beef to the McDonald’s chain in the mid 1950s, and this escalated as the franchise experienced exponential growth over the years to come.

One of the reported challenges facing suppliers to McDonald chains near and far involved delivering a similar product that was fresh and affordable regardless of distance. This challenge was aided with the development of cryogenic food processing in the early 1960s. This process involves the use of liquid nitrogen to quickly freeze food.

In the 1970s, Otto and Sons transitioned from a company that solely provided ground beef to the McDonald’s chain, to a company that provided ground beef to the McDonald’s chain and also established another brand providing food to the food industry at large. As a result of this, Otto and Sons took on the name, OSI Industries. It has always remained based in Chicago. In 2016 the company purchased the former Tyson Chicken Food Plant, which would be used to accommodate anticipated expansion for OSI Industries.

At present, OSI Industries has an estimated 20,000 employees. There are over 60 facilities in 17 countries besides the USA. It is in the top 100 companies for continued business growth according to a recent estimate by business industry insider, Forbes.

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Louis Chênevert Focuses on Results

As the former United Technologies Corporation Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Louis Chênevert helped in the company’s development of game-changing products. Not only did United Technologies Corporation develop products that exceeded their customers’ expectation, but under his leadership, the company completed the largest acquisition deal in history up until that point.

Louis Chênevert was employed at United Technologies Corporation from March 2006 until he retired from the company in November 2014. When Louis Chênevert first began at United Technologies Corporation he was one of their directors before advancing to the position of CEO in April 2008 and then Chairman in early 2010. Louis Chênevert was employed at the company Pratt & Whitney before his time at United Technologies Corporation. He worked for Pratt & Whitney from 1993 until he began his position of director at UTC in March 2006.

Louis Chênevert believes that one of the main reason he and the companies he has worked with have been so successful with their endeavors due to the fact that he places so much importance on having the right team. While talent is important, it is also important to make sure that all of the members of a team share the same ideals and goals when it comes to a project. Louis Chênevert that it’s important to not put up with members of the team who don’t line up with the overall goals of the project as they can be a hindrance. Louis Chênevert has a passion for making sure the customers’ needs are met with products that have long life cycles of 30 years.

In order to achieve professional success, Louis Chênevert also thinks that having focus, follow-up, passion, and optimism. Instead of worrying about the internal politics of a company, he pushes his agenda and makes sure the executives are key to the company’s operation have everything that they need in order to complete their objectives. Internal politic can be disruptive to the future of a company and for the best results, Louis Chênevert believes leaders need to make sure that they don’t lose focus.

Review of WAX Technologies with Malcolm CasSelle as its President

Launching Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) in August 2017 demonstrated the strength of utilizing tokens in trading games components. WAX is a decentralized trading platform that bridges over 400 million online video gamers using the blockchain technology. According to Malcolm CasSelle, the use of the token minimises the trading cost as well as establishing an online market that enables one to transfer assets from a centralized point. The WAX innovation has created a new platform that was not possible before. It guarantees the tokens to remain tied to the corresponding physical items.


Monitoring and ensuring that the tokens remain bound to the assets is a challenge of tokenizing assets. However, WAX have utilized the Transfer Agents, their supervisory committee known as Guilds, a consensus algorithm, and rating systems. This measure ensures the token holder takes a regulatory oversight on the trading. The Transfer Agents focuses on the delivery of assets while guilds specialize on authenticating the items as well as monitoring the ownership.


The future Guilds and Transfer Agents are expected to carry out the RFID and IoT technologies by registering the location of the asset in real time. This role will enable WAX to connect its tokens to their actual owners. By Guild authenticating the asset, sellers will be updating their chained WAX token every time their sell an item. Therefore, it will create confidence to the seller and asset owners thereby increasing the WAX reputation. Furthermore, the security will be enhanced when physical assets are incorporated into the WAX blockchain thus deterring the risk of hackers.


About Malcolm CasSelle


Malcolm CasSelle is a serial entrepreneur who has played the business executive role in various companies. Malcolm has involved himself in many of startup ventures in areas of technology, marketing, fundraising, sales, and distributions. Malcolm CasSelle graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a BS in computer science. Then he proceeded to the Stanford University for Masters in computer science.


On August 2017, Malcolm CasSelle became the president of WAX and CIO at OPSkin. OPSkin the global number one market for online games items. Malcolm CasSelle has also served in various capacities in companies like Xfire, MediaPass, Timeline Labs, SeaChange International and Tonic among others.


Arthur Becker’s Career In Property Business And Technology

Arthur Becker is a leading real estate businessman in the United States who operates primarily from his New York office. In 2015, Arthur launched rental houses costing $30,000 a month. The world class apartments included three bedrooms, a 3.5 bathroom space, a gas fireplace, two tall windows, and cast-iron specially designed windows. The building complex has a 50-foot lap pool, a well-equipped gym room, and a yoga studio. Apart from his interest in the property business, Arthur is a serial entrepreneur with specializations in finance and technology. He is the founder of Bnox Incorporation, Advance Partners, LLC, Atlantic Investors, and Madison Partners, LLC. Additionally, Arthur heads Zinio as the chairman and chief executive officer.

According to The Real Deal, Mr. Becker started Bnox Incorporation in 1994 to create imaging technologies for the single-camera industry. He led it as the president and sold products to leading retailers in the field such as Rite Aid, T-Maxx, Walmart, and CVS. A few years later, he set up Advance Partners, LLC to offer advisory on financial strategies to companies in the United Kingdom and investors from the United States. In 1998, the firm oversaw the acquisition of Cendant Corporation by National Car Park for 1.1 billion GBP. Arthur co-founded Atlantic Investors in 2001 and served as its president for eight years until its sale to Time Warner in 2011. The firm purchased three data centers in the US that offered hosting services, Internet access, and colocation to clients in the UK and the US. During his tenure as president, Atlantic acquired ten firms, including Navisite, and made one public offering.

He began investing in technological firms such as Zinio. The company’s owner appointed Arthur as chief executive officer and chairman in 2012. Arthur led the enterprise to acquire EBITDA profits and purchase a technology firm in Barcelona and Vietnam. He gave up his positions in the company in 2015 and currently serves as a member of the board of directors. Arthur started Madison Partners, LLC in 2015 after his fascination with technology and real estate.

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