Noble Achievements of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Public Schools opened its first School in 2007 in San Jose California. Since then the nonprofit charter school has continued to serve low-income students with quality and modern education. Over 15,000 students have benefited from the schools with about 75% learning English as their second language.

Built on three pillars, personalized learning, talent development, and parent power, the organization strives to empower children with practical skills for the modern world. Rocketship has adopted technology into their learning curriculum in a hybrid learning model called lab rotation. The system, allows learners to spend time in a computer lab working on the curriculum software. Teachers are able to organize small groups where they deliver customized education to cater for the neediest students. The institution has adopted five programs for this purpose namely; Lexia, Dreambox, myOn, and STMath.

Rocketship primarily focuses on educating students from the low-income social background is to empower them intellectually and build morally upright citizens. The institution has created clear boundaries for teachers to interact with students in a humanizing war thereby forming a culture of discipline.

The institution aims at tapping into the talents of every individual student. Rocketship schools invest in the growth of each student to achieve their full potential even beyond the classroom. On this note, the institution tries to support parents to champion their children’s education. The organization also engages with local leaders in ensuring high-quality education thrives in public schools.

Rocketship strives to enable all students to dream and discover their full potential. On several occasions, they have partnered with other nonprofit organizations to help low-income families unleash their potential. One such partnership is that with Team America, who help college graduates get teaching jobs.

The great work done by Rocketship Public Schools has not gone unnoticed. The Obama administration invested $ 2 million for their growth. The organization continues to help students get a quality education despite their backgrounds.