Myths About Hair Care

If you want gorgeous hair, there are some myths that you’ll need to stop believing to get results. There are tons of myths out there and if you trust this information, it is hurting your hair care routine. Think that cutting your hair will make it grow faster? It’s just a myth. Think that your hair should be washed with cold water? Again, it’s nothing more than a myth.

There are tons of myths out there about hair care. It pays off to learn the truth behind the myths. What isn’t a myth is the fact that a great hair care product lineup is essential to great hair. You should eat the right foods to keep your hair healthy and shiny, but it is also important to choose cleansers, conditions, and other hair care products that are designed to enhance your hair.

Since 2000, women have trusted WEN hair care products to keep their hair healthy and vibrant. Designed by stylist Chaz Dean and a group of hair care scientists, each product in the Wen by Chaz line not only helps capture the beauty of the hair but also its health. Women who use the cleansers, conditioners, serums, and oils in the QVC WEN line enjoy great hair day in and day out.

Chaz Dean ( is a stylist to the stars. His L.A. salon is always busy, filled with women who are eager to achieve beautiful hair. The salon is fun and free-spirited and is one of the best in the big city according to many women. According to his crunchbase page, he’s worked on the heads of people like Alyssa Milano and Gwyneth Paltrow during his 25+ year career. Follow WEN on Instagram.