Achieve The Latest Looks With Lime Crime

Every season brings with it a slew of new styles and your makeup has to keep pace. Thankfully, Lime Crime also offers a fresh slew of new products to help you pair the best makeup looks with the latest styles and fashions. Here are 3 great fresh new looks you can achieve with lime Crime.

  1. All day lips

While the office is becoming a more friendly environment for women who want to express their inner unicorn, you may still want to keep your unicorn a little more tame at the office. Lime Crime offers a number of lip bundles that help you keep your unicorn tame in the office and set it loose in the evening. Start with a Cindy Liquid Matte Lipstick during the day and then apply a BFF Crushers Lip Topper in Dope at night for a unicorn-worthy shimmer and shine.

  1. Unicorn Hair

Whether you want to go all in with a Juicy, Blue Smoke or Sea Witch full coverage hair dye or go a little more subtle with a Shook or Oyster hair tint, Lime Crime has you covered. For an even more subtle look you can even dial it down with Dilute. Mix Dilute with any semi-permanent color for lighter results. For a grungier, smokier look, you can also mix some On Mute into any semi-permanent hair color to give it some grunge.

  1. Sparkle and Shine

Lime Crime’s opalescent highlighter palettes can help you achieve anything from a soft, iridescent glow to a full-on unicorn shine. Apply a little during the day for a soft glow at the office and apply a bit more at night for a full-on sparkle that shows you were made to shine.

Whatever look you are going for, from the soft and subtle to the glitziest glam, Lime Crime can help you get it. From the office to a night on the town, Lime Crime products can be your best partner in crime.