The Evolution Gets Praise From Celebrities

The Evolution of Smooth has become a popular form of lip balm. This company has been around for years, but lip balm is still something that is fairly new. From the time that Kim Kardashian started to rave about this lip balm in 2013 it has become a product that was on the radar to the Generation Z consumers that were looking for something new. This EOS Lip Balm would overshadow lip balm giant Chapstick.

The thing that has made this company continue to grow is the large amount of influence that has been provided by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner. These are celebrities that have been seen with this lip balm, and it has made it possible for more fans of these celebrities to start looking at the growing number of flavors that are part of the lineup.

The consumers tend to embrace this product primarily because it is connected to a brand that ushers in ingredients that are considered safe for the skin. This is what people have been paying much more attention to as they look at how this company has evolved. They know that there are a ton of consumers that are concerned primarily about getting rashes.

This is what has allowed the lip balm to evolve. People get a chance to check the ingredients like Jojoba oil and Shea butter that are listed inside of this product on the website. They do not have to second-guess what is going with this product. There are flavors like Hibiscus Peach, Honeysuckle and Coconut Milk that are appeasing to consumers. There are also people that utilize this lip balm sphere when they are doing decorations. It is the perfect piece for different things like baby showers, conferences and weddings. These sphere shaped products are very decorative.