The Dallas Women’s Foundation & Its Mission of Epowerment

On October 20, 2017, the Dallas Women’s Foundation held its 32nd annual luncheon. This special event has been around for decades, and it has grown at a considerable rate. The empowering of women and girls is why this foundation was built. Held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, this foundation played host to many prominent individuals, including civic leaders, community leaders and business leaders. The final tally came out to be nearly 1,300 individuals in all. The participants of this exclusive event talked about a wide range of topics such as social and economic issues. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is the largest of its kind in the world, and it has truly made a difference in the lives of many females.

For 2017, one of the most influential and idolized females on the planet stopped by and said a few words. On the other hand, this woman actually delivered the prestigious keynote address. Hope Jahren, Ph.D., graced the stage with pride and dignity. This specific keynote address was the first of its kind to be livestreamed as more than 10,000 students got a chance to view the event. These 10,000 students were actually spread-out across North Texas. Hope Jahren has done many great things with her natural talents. She was an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has won the exclusive Donath Medal for geology study, has attained a Ph.D. in Soil Science and has written a memoir named “Lab Girl.”

The Dallas Women’s Foundation also received a donation for $100,000. This currency came from NexBank SSB. Better known as NexBank Capital, this regional bank has been a part of many movements in the city of Dallas. NexBank has an estimated $8.4 billion in assets, and it offers a huge selection of services like public funds, warehouse lending, credit services, online banking, treasury management and more.