Juan OG Perez celebrated his birthday in a very organized design together with his business global known friend Jay-Z who gave out his best during Perez’s day. Jay-Z was happy to talk about how he used around $113,000 on his friend’s birthday preparations and show. He spent on restaurants, clubs, and bottle popping to make the night remarkable for Juan and his friends. The party was accompanied by so many known celebrities that made it appealing and of value to Juan OG. He felt so much appreciated by his friend Jay-Z who did all that to him.

Juan OG is the president of Roc Nation Sports, and they have been friends with Jay-Z for an extended period, and they are also business associates. They can also be termed as friends for life, and they met through some friend at a Roc-A-Fella Records in the year 1996. Jay-Z has on several occasions named Juan OG on some of his hits and also in clubs and lounges in New York when they are raving in town. Juan OG and Jay-Z have a passion, zeal, and love for sports entertainment hence they came together and decided to form Roc Nation Sports.

For several years Juan OG Perez and Jay-Z have been able to gain so much when they dedicate themselves to the Roc Nation Sports where they give care and advocate for sportspersons in the sports industry just as they provide support to the musicians. Their brand has been able to guarantee to provide both the music artists and athletes support in everything they do and not just in their careers. Juan OG Perez and Jay-Z have been working together towards making each athlete to achieve personal success. They have given all their attention to the improvement of the company brand to make it distinctive and helpful.

Paul Herdsman Success Story And Philanthropic Work


Mr. Paul Herdsman is the COO and co-founder of the NICE Global Company. Mr. Paul co-started the NICE Global in early 2014 with its headquarters l in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Herdsman oversees a lot of duties in this company that ranges from watching over everyday operations to and creating strategic partnerships and putting in place long-term measures for growth of the business. According to a recent interview that Herdsman gave, he said that he believes that it is imperative for leaders to understand all aspects of a business which they are in charge or working for, that why he has proved to be a hands-on manager at NICE Global.

Herdsman says a good leader should understand what every department requires and places right members of staff in these positions. Mr. Paul says he believes in searching, honing, and retaining talent at NICE Global Company by treating the staff members professionally so that they are happy to work with the company for many years with the opportunity to get promotions. Paul also believes that power any person should have a solid home life so that he or she can give the best performance possible.

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.

Paul’s belief that all children deserve to have a home is the main reason that NICE Global Outreach which is a charitable endeavor, was established. The organization supports the SOS Children’s Village, which is a non-profit well-being association that is privately owned and run and offers permanent residence to orphaned and abandoned children. View Additional Info Here.

Paul, a father himself, said he wants to see every child having the upbringing that they deserve and also likes to offer support to other organizations that are working towards achieving the same goal. Paul Herdsman advises those who want to start a business or company to first understand the role the company is playing, responsibility, and the desired goal of the company.


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