OSI Group : The continuing efforts for innovation and progression

OSI Group has been the leader in cutting edge technology as well as incredible customer service to worldwide list of clients and customers for decades. Although many see this company as a titan of industry, OSI Group’s history is one of the prime examples of the American dream come true. At the turn of the century, OSI Group was founded on a quiet street corner in Chicago Illinois by Otto Kolschowsky. Although at the time Chicago was truly the place to be for butchers, Otto and the rest of the German immigrants had little to no choice which then, in turn, provided Otto the with the opportunity to grow a prosperous business for years to come.

The relationship with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc and who really benefited from the partnership has been up for debate for years, however, the general consensus was that both parties were needed to progress both businesses. OSI Group needed Ray Kroc’s business and Ray Krock needed OSI to produce the high-quality meats needed to make McDonald’s such a success. In the years after, the growth of McDonald’s meant that OSI needed to ramp up production as well, both in product and locations to house the demand.

The growth of both these companies challenged the status quote and would indirectly create the methods that we much of the industry uses today in their food production. OSI Group also made the same promise to all their future clients about their ability to bring to fruition any recommendations they like.

This goal to not only produce high-quality products but also tailor make them for clients is what has made OSI Group one of the most revered and successful companies in modern times. There is no doubt that if OSI stays the course, the country has rest assure that they are within good hands.

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