Steve Ritchie Believes in Giving Back to the Papa John’s Community

For years, Papa John’s has been a favorite. People enjoy the pizza and they enjoyed the values that came from the company. Steve Ritchie knew there were some issues that came from the company when he signed on as the CEO, but he wanted to address the issues and be upfront with everyone about all the things he was doing to help. It was his goal to always be transparent with the way the company worked so he could make sure people had all the options they needed and had the support from the company that could help them get better. Steve Ritchie also knew there were things that would make a difference and that’s why he pushed to continue helping people understand the company needed a better image. Based on the hard work he put into the business and the things he did that made the business better, Steve Ritchie felt good about giving back to the community.

Steve Ritchie always wanted people to understand Papa John’s is a company that cares about what they’re doing and it’s something that makes him want to help others out with the options they have in the business. He also knows things will continue getting better for the business since he chose to do damage control with a letter. He didn’t want customers to feel like they had lost out and it’s something that made him want to help even more people through difficult experiences.

It took some time for Steve Ritchie to feel good about what he could do and how he could make a difference, but he realized there were many options that would allow him to do things the right way. He also felt good about giving back to people who were previous customers so he pushed to make sure he understood what they wanted. For years, Steve Ritchie saw an opportunity and took it. He wanted to apologize to the people the company hurt and made sure he did the right thing because he wanted to make everything better for everyone who had to deal with issues as a result of what happened with the company.