Rebel Wilson’s Isn’t It Romantic? Will surely be the next popular movie among the romcom film addicts.

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros released their first trailer of the romcom, Isn’t It Romantic? Todd Strauss-Schulson is its director.  Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

He also directed The Final Girls and A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas films. Isn’t It Romantic? stars Rebel Wilson (identified as Natalie in the movie) as an architect fresh in the field and working in New York City. Natalie tries hard to deliver her best in the office, but no one hardly noticed her. It is most likely that they will send her on simple errands than offer her a seat at the big table.

The interesting part that of the whole film begins when Natalie gets trapped in a romantic comedy. It’s interesting since she has a cynical attitude towards love stories which always seem to end with the “and they lived happily ever after” cliché. According to her, everything about romcoms is terrible including the pop tracks in the background. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Natalie finds herself in the romcom situation after encountering a mugger. She overpowers the thug but knocks her head on a wall pillar at the train station which renders her unconscious.

It is then that she almost magically wakes up in a hospital. Natalie later finds herself in a big apartment with every fancy shoe she ever wanted. The apartment is so spacious that it only exists in the imaginative world of a girl with a salary like hers.

Isn’t It Romantic? Also incorporates other renowned actors including Liam Hemsworth who features as Blake, a strikingly handsome client who dates Natalie. Josh (Adam DeVine) is Natalie’s extra-crazy best friend. Priyanka Chopra, best known for being an antagonist in the comedy movie Baywatch, features as Isabella, a yoga promoter. Isn’t It Romantic will appear in the movie theatres on 2019’s Valentine’s Day for the first time. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List

“Had the best time filming with this bunch…Can’t wait for everyone to see it,” Liam Hemsworth posted on Instagram with a picture of his and the other co-actors of their upcoming movie. It was after they had a perfect time dancing on New York City streets as part of the filmmaking process.

Though the film looks excellent, filming it was not a walk in the park. Rebel suffered a mild concussion that lasted only a day after falling off during the filming process. Her Instagram post read, “Started the day with a fall…Yet somehow looking not bad at 7pm…” She recovered fast and was back to her business which is also fun for her.

Interesting facts about Rebel Wilson.

Rebel was born in the early ’80s and was brought up together with other siblings in Sydney, Australia. It is so unbelievable when she reveals that she was so shy in her early stages of life in comparison to the bold and funny demeanor she now portrays as an actor. She attributes her success to her mother and others who encouraged her to overcome her shyness.

Rebel Wilson has featured in many movies including the popular Pitch Perfect movie series. She has won numerous awards including the Teen Choice Awards for the Pitch Perfect movies.

Steve Ritchie Believes in Giving Back to the Papa John’s Community

For years, Papa John’s has been a favorite. People enjoy the pizza and they enjoyed the values that came from the company. Steve Ritchie knew there were some issues that came from the company when he signed on as the CEO, but he wanted to address the issues and be upfront with everyone about all the things he was doing to help. It was his goal to always be transparent with the way the company worked so he could make sure people had all the options they needed and had the support from the company that could help them get better. Steve Ritchie also knew there were things that would make a difference and that’s why he pushed to continue helping people understand the company needed a better image. Based on the hard work he put into the business and the things he did that made the business better, Steve Ritchie felt good about giving back to the community.

Steve Ritchie always wanted people to understand Papa John’s is a company that cares about what they’re doing and it’s something that makes him want to help others out with the options they have in the business. He also knows things will continue getting better for the business since he chose to do damage control with a letter. He didn’t want customers to feel like they had lost out and it’s something that made him want to help even more people through difficult experiences.

It took some time for Steve Ritchie to feel good about what he could do and how he could make a difference, but he realized there were many options that would allow him to do things the right way. He also felt good about giving back to people who were previous customers so he pushed to make sure he understood what they wanted. For years, Steve Ritchie saw an opportunity and took it. He wanted to apologize to the people the company hurt and made sure he did the right thing because he wanted to make everything better for everyone who had to deal with issues as a result of what happened with the company.


Marc D Beer is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Renovia Inc., a MedTech company that deals in the development of pharmaceutical technologies purposely for the diagnosis and therapy of pelvic floor disorders. He is a graduate from Miami University in Ohio with a Bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration. He has since then served in a couple of executive and managerial positions in various companies including Biostar Inc. where he was the vice president in sales and marketing. Others include; Genzyme Corporation, ViaCell Inc., Good Star Genetics Inc. and a number of private companies. Mr. Beer has also held positions in so many boards dealing in matters of health.


Establishment of Renovia

Mr. Marc Beer founded Renovia Inc. in the year 2015 following an idea from one Dr. Ray Iglesias, a gynecologist by profession. Having an experience of more than 20 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical products sales and marketing world, Mr. Beer has managed to bring Renovia Inc. to the limelight. This is because he managed to raise $42M that will be used in the development and testing of devices for the diagnosis and therapy of pelvic disorders. Such disorders include Urinary incontinence that affects approximately two hundred and fifty women all over the world.


Renovia’s Services are Priceless

Among the products to be tested is a new version of Leva, which is Renovia’s first product. It received approval from FDA earlier in the year. All of Renovia’s aspirations under its CEO are aimed at providing new and informed treatment options for their customers which will consequently transform to lower long-term healthcare for Renovia’s customers. Mr. Beer is positive that this will be achieved with the support he has from his investors among them being The Longwood Fund, a leading investor in the healthcare sector that shares the same vision as Renovia and that is to be able to diagnose and treat women all over the world with pelvic floor disorders. Learn more:


Transforming the World Healthwise

With the development of these new products, it is Mr. Marc Beer’s belief that the lives of so many women around the world will be improved mainly through the advanced treatment options that these biotechnology devices offer compared to the surgical option.


Serge Belamant and the Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur with a long history in the banking and financial industry. He invented a debit card system that is used today by millions. This system is one that is continuing to grow. This debit card system is known as the blockchain technology.

This blockchain technology allows users to swipe their debit card at a Point of Sale (POS) transaction and the POS system does not need to be connected to a network at the time of the sale. He was born in France to a man who moved him to South Africa when he was just a teenager.

Serge Belamant went to high school in South Africa. He excelled in sports. His main sport was Rugby, but he also played Chess. When he was finished with high school he went to college. During college, he changed his major from engineering to computer science and applied math. While he studied hard, he did not finish his studies. He contemplated switching his major again. This would have entailed repeating courses he had already passed. He decided to withdraw from his studies.

Serge Belamant spent his career as a computer programmer for many companies. One of these companies was IBM. This is how he developed the blockchain technology that would change the world. He has developed this and the company he worked for did not accept the technology. Afterward, he broke off on to his own and formed a company called Net1.

Serge Belamant was the founder and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Net1. He held the position of CEO until 2017 when he decided to retire. While developing technology and coding for these companies he moved to the United States. He currently resides in the United States.

In conclusion, this article discussed Serge Belamant and his technology that was developed in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The article discussed his education and career. When we concluded we discussed the Net1 company which he founded in the early 1990s. When it first began it was met with ridicule and no one wanted to work with him. However, in 1995 this all began to change.

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