Betsy Devos and the Educational Choice Movement

Do you think it’s possible that educational choice can work in America? Devos believes that it can. She has been working with leaders in every state to make educational choice more of a priority, but it has been slow as many school leaders don’t see the point in changing standardized tests. While it’s been shown to have some improvement, it has taken this long to get students acclimated to the way that public teachings focus on tests and Common Core, instead of helping students learn.


Devos wants to change the ways that people look at education in America. She has been on a mission ever since her days at Calvin College. She has been working education reform mostly in Michigan, but through her philanthropy and donors like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Walton, she has been able to achieve some major programs in each state for families who wish to send their students to better schools whether or not they are zoned for them.


Part of the issue is that students do not like the current way that math is taught in schools, while others see it more of an issue with failing schools, and their inability to change. Devos has also recently been put in charge of working with school safety reform and providing more security for teachers and students. This comes after a dozen school shootings have taken in place in the past two years.


Devos has been meeting with security officials to help school campuses in the next year. In a recent interview, she talked about what’s going to happen on “60 Minutes.” She spoke about her dislike for Common Core Math, as well as the idea of adding more guns to schools through teachers. She doesn’t believe that teachers should train with guns either. She simply wants to create the safest environment for students in American schools.


Her cause has caught the attention of many in Hollywood. Some say that she doesn’t have the background in education to be the US Secretary of Education, while others know her strength and see it as a good thing for the public school system. The hope is that educational choice will make schools more competitive, while also providing the best place for students to get an education based on what they want to do.


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Educational choice is Devos’ main platform. This program allows students to go to school at magnet programs, private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling programs.