Miami-based attorney Todd Levine and his Novel Legal Skills

Todd Levine is a litigator and an experienced professional. He has a background that is similar and common for all successful litigators, which includes a law degree, years of experience, and lifelong mentors that laid the path for his career. Todd Levine wears many hats: He is also a musician, an artist, and a math and science lover and he applies these diverse topics to his litigation practice. For example, on one occurrence in the courtroom, there was case evidence that appeared to hurt Levine’s case and actually went against him, so he turned it out to be harmless because he refuted the claims and stated what aspects he saw in the evidence that he could attest to.


Todd Levine is successfully employed as a founding member and partner at his law firm based in Miami, Florida, with two additional offices based in Boca Raton, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded in 2009 by him and his seven partners. Levine states that when his firm was founded, his partners all shared the same vision to open a “Litigation-only” firm. As of today, the firm operates under 30 attorneys. The firm has also won numerous high-profile case, including baseball player Alex Rodriguez’s divorce case. In addition, Levine attributes his firm’s success to the help of a close-knit group and supportive environment in the courtroom. He believes his founding partners work well enough together, that they have moved on to mentor young attorneys to apply the same strategies they use in their professions: thinking outside of the box and coming up with novel legal solutions.


Levine states that much of his success is due to his problem-solving skills that comes from the application of diverse skills such as art, which he encourages to others to help enhance and develop their practice.