Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia. Doe grew up in New York City and schooled in the city. Deere studied fashion and design and later became the founder and Chief Executive Officers of Lime Crime Cosmetics Company. Deere successfully launched their makeup company online in 2008. She among the first female businesspersons to inaugurate her company online. Lime Crime provides services that include loose pigments, glittery lip gloss, nail polish, rainbow-colored liquid liners and eye-shadow palettes.

In her interview, Doe Deere noted that she started offering her services with designing and making her own clothes projects that led to the creation of a sovereign clothing line online. Doe came up with an idea to create her makeup that would complement her clothing. She released that she couldn’t find the desired colors and therefore she decided to start making them.

She unveiled that she has always been in love with makeup and fairy tales. She said that she combined the two to come up with a cruelty-free makeup -, original brand that everyone could find as fun to wear. Doe continued that Lime Crime’s mascot is a unicorn that represents rare beauty, concerned kindness, and individuality to every animal. The purple brand represents creativity.

After the launch of Lime Crime in 2008, Deere created and started the company’s intensely colorful, vegan, cruelty –free and supernaturally inspiring cosmetics that are available for sale in various stores and online both locally and internationally.

Deere started marketing her New Lime Crime products online using eBay in the year 2004 where she created her first digital store and in one year time, she was already making good sales. It has been Deere’s dream to become a clothing designer. She joined the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and majored in fashion design and illustrations to chase her dream. She dropped out of the program and went on to start her cloth line. That’s the time she came up with the company name Lime Crime. Doe admitted that at that stage she had doubts of whether the clothing line was her real dream. Doe realized that she had got the real dream when she started making her own make up and since then she has neither regretted nor doubted her expertise. Deere claimed that her creativity created one of the possible jobs in the universe and she is ever grateful for it.

Doe Deere likes to pay attention to the feedback and responses that people give about her company and products in the office, online and everywhere else. She advises upcoming entrepreneurs to take criticism positively and possibly use that criticism as food that strengthens and helps them develop and grow their brands.

Doe Deere believes that her company’s focus and dedication to the slogan that Beauty should make you feel happy brings success to the firm. She directs her company to focus on the colors that inspire and transforms their customers. She said that the colors on ones make up should bring the best version of that person.


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