Joseph Bismark And Vijay Eswaran Are The Founders Of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia over five decades ago. He pursued his higher studies in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the UK, he enrolled for a professional course on management accounting. After completing the course, he received CIMA certification.

In addition, Eswaran was a student at the prestigious London School of Economics where he graduated with his socio-economics degree.

After being in the UK for a while, Vijay decided to settle in the US. Later, he enrolled at the Southern Illinois University where he pursued his master’s degree in business administration (MBA). While he was a student, Vijay would work part time.

One day when he was working, a colleague went up to him and talked to him about multi-level marketing. He developed interest in the unique business model and researched further on the same.

When he returned home in the 90’s, he was recruited by Cosway’s, an established MLM corporation. His major role at the entity was to strengthen and widen its operations. Eswaran learnt a great deal of lessons on direct selling. However, during this period, Asia was feeling the adverse effects of the economic crisis.

Owing to this phenomenon, Vijay was left without adequate capital and friends. Because he had vowed not to work for anyone, Eswaran was optimistic that he would succeed in the direct selling industry. Soon, he identified like-minded people like Joseph Bismark.

The two partnered to establish QI Group. The conglomerate has been investing in logistics, leisure, training, education, property development, telecommunication and conference management.

Owing to demand for its products and services, the company opened regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. In addition, the multi-million business has managed to expand its operations to over 30 countries by virtue of working closely with their vast subsidiaries.

Besides his busy schedule, Vijay is always ready to deliver motivational speeches to his audience. Over the years, he has been going to universities and various events to talk to the people on matters of spirituality and business.

By virtue of having vast management experience, Eswaran has been appointed to serve on the boards of different institutions. They include the Business Council for Sustainability and Responsibility, Corporate Malaysia Roundtable and Global Business Council.

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